Sunday, April 26, 2009

Done With Second Term of Law School

After a crazy month of studying and everything else culminating in East Lansing, Michigan, I am officially done with my second term of law school.  This terms exams seemed a lot harder than the last terms, however I do feel that I was more prepared and was able to attack them better.  I even finished all of them this time.  I am not home in Blacksburg, VA, the City of Dreams enjoying the company of my family and friends at VaTech until I go back to Michigan.  The day I left it was actually 80 degree in sunny East Lansing.  Only two days earlier there was snow coming down.

It feels good to be done with exams and get time to catch up on some sleep and work with Dynasty,  NSELS, and Access Athletes.  Me and Mak puggle will also get to catch up on some time at the dog park in the burg.  My fathers green subdivision at Claytor Lake in Radford is starting to come along.  I am going to help my dad with the exterior on Monday and also with some trusses on the inside of the house.  I only have about ten days off until I have to get ready for the summer term, yay!  At least I get to find out my exam grades in a month a half this term instead of two and a half months like last.

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