Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Thoughts On Chris Brown's Case....

Monday, April 6th, Artist and Entertainer Chris Brown pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from his Grammy Night beating of his current girlfriend Rhianna.  

For a while now the press has covered this case and magnified everything regarding this horrible incident.  The couple was suppose to sing together at the Grammy's until Browns assault changed all that, and much, much more.

At one time, Chris Brown was a name everyone liked, now that has changed.  Although I think what he did was clearly wrong but I do not think he will get any serious punishment or ramifications from this situation.  With Brown pleading "not guilty" yesterday in court, and the fact that his girlfriend and victim of this incident has forgiven him and is now back together with her abuser, I can only see a plea deal coming from his current legal case.  

That being said, if Brown does not take a plea deal or Rhianna does drops the charges or does not testify against against her abuser, the case will still go on.  The prosecution has plenty of circumstantial evidence that they could use (photos, affidavits, statements...) to convict Brown.  Most importantly I believe the media attention this case has drawn will be a HUGE negative for Brown if it does go to trial.  It will be hard to find ANY juror who has not already heard about this incident and already convicted Brown in their heads.  

By pleading "not guilty," I think/hope Brown and his defense team have a plea deal in the workings and will not let this get to trail.  That being said, I believe he will get off pretty easy for the serious beating and threats that he gave to his girlfriend.  I hope he learns his lesson and does not continue the usual pattern of abuse that we see from typical "woman-beaters" in these situations.

On a positive note, the added press and attention Brown has received has not made anyone stop listening to his music.  In fact, going to jail or doing these heinous acts could even be spun in a positive way to make his image seem harder or more "gangster."  Although I do not agree that this type of behavior should boost anyone's career, if Brown goes in  a different direction with his music career and his music gets a little "harder" maybe he will get some street credential and in the future will be listened to in a different genre.

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