Thursday, April 30, 2009

NFL Top Draft Picks & $alarie$

Here is a list of the QB's that have been drafted #1 and the salaries they have been awarded.I thought it was very interesting to see the upward trend in millions that the first draft pick gets when he is a QB.  Even at #3 in last years draft Matty "Ice" Ryan signed a $72 million dollar contract.  I added the non QB's names and contracts in blue to see all the #1 picks.  Thanks to Dominic Pirilli from SAB  for compiling the list of QB's.  This is from an article on

2009: Matthew Stafford - 6 years, $72 million

2008: QB not drafted 1st overall: OT Jake Long- 5 years, $57.75 million

2007: JaMarcus Russell - 6 years, $61 million

2006: QB not drafted 1st overall: DE Mario Williams- 6 years, $54 million

2005: Alex Smith - 6 years, $49.5 million

2004: Eli Manning - 6 years, $45-54 million (the amount varies based on incentive achievement)

2003: Carson Palmer - 7 years, $49 million

2002: David Carr - 7 years, $46.2 million

2001: Michael Vick - 6 years, $62 million

2000: QB not drafted 1st overall: DE Courtney Brown, Chad Pennington was the first QB taken by the JETS at 18

**Matt Ryan, although not chosen 1st overall, received a 6 year, $72 million contract (Ryan was drafted third overall)

In my opinion, this is certainly good for agents and athletes, as the salaries have adapted to inflation and the changes in the economy.  However I can not realistically see rookie salaries going up much more.  There is enough talk about how rookies and first year players who have never stepped on an NFL field already make more than proven veterans who have won Superbowl's.  With all this added media hype and hype from the veteran players, I think agents are going to have a tougher time getting first round picks salaries that are much higher than they are now.  I believe the agents should not ask for more guaranteed money but should add more performance incentives and escalators into first year players contracts.  This would make the GM's and Coaches feel safer when signing and making big deals for players that are unproven, and if the athlete is good enough, he has the chance to make MORE money and keep it under seal a little more.

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