Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Obama Quotes

Quoting OBAMA:   "But -- having said all that, I truly believe that 
there's nothing more noble than public service," he said, adding that 
service doesn't mean one has to run for president.

Obama pointed to Doctors Without Borders, the United Nations and 
community work as examples of other ways to serve.

"But the point is that what I found at a very young age was that if 
you can only think about yourself -- 'How much money can I make? What 
can I buy? How nice is my house? What kind of fancy car do I have?' -- 
that over the long term, I think you get bored," he told the audience 
of mostly students.

  "I think if you're only thinking about yourself, your life becomes 
diminished, and the way to live a full life is to think about what can 
I do for others, how can I be a part of this larger project of making 
a better world," he said.

Obama said with all the challenges facing the world now, the younger 
generation has an abundance of opportunities to make a difference.

"It would be a tragedy if all of you who are so talented and energetic 
-- if you let that go to waste, if you just stood back and watched the 
world pass you by," he said.

"Better to jump in, get involved -- and it does mean that sometimes 
you'll get criticized and sometimes you'll fail and sometimes you'll 
be disappointed -- but you'll have a great adventure. And at the end 
of your life, hopefully you'll be able to look back and say, 'I made a difference.' "

Some great Obama qoutes from my roomate. No more Bushism's

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