Saturday, April 4, 2009

WELCOME to the "NEW" House That Ruth Built

Should they still call Yankee stadium "the house that Ruth built?"  Or, should the new Yankee Stadium be called the house that Jeter built?  Jeter is the classic Yankee poster boy for the Championship Yankee teams of the 1990's and is a proven leader.  Mr. October could well be the Yank's greatest player before his time in pinstripes is up. With the christening of the new Yankee Stadium happening this year, Jeter and many others are the face of the new stadium.  If CC, AJ, DJ, and A-Rod could play together they might have to find new nickname for the stadium.

Friday night, April 3rd, was the first game at the new multi-million dollar Yankee Stadium.  The new park looks very similar to the one that got torn down last year, just A LITTTTTTLE bit bigger. "A little bit" is certainly an understatement.  The new stadium has all of the same cool features as the old one did, with all the additional new amenities.  

The first at bat of the new stadium was none other than Yankee favorite, Derek Jeter.  In traditional style, Jeter smacked a double over the third base line to start off the season and the stadium in grand style.  The Yanks also went on to win the game. This could only be a precursor for the Yank's as they are looking to break back into the postseason for the first time in eleven years.  I was able to make it to the old Yankee Stadium last year before it was torn down.  It really was a great feeling as a Yankee fan to sit in those seats and enjoy the stadium.  I would love to make it to a game at the new stadium this year, but we will see how much time I can get off at Cooley.

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