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Judge Sotomayor and Sports

From a post on Sports Law Blog last week.....Look at how the possible SC Judge has affected the worlds of sports...enjoy

Judge Sotomayor's Sports Law Opinions

It's official: as "Professor cummings predicted earlier this month, the President will nominate Second Circuit Judge and die-hard Yankees fan Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Perhaps more than any Supreme Court nominee in history, Judge Sotomayor has a long record of adjudicating major sports law cases, dating back to her time on the district court. Among her notable sports law cases:
Major League Baseball Properties, Inc. v. Salvino, Inc., 542 F.3d 290 (2nd Cir. 2008) (concurring) (action by league against manufacturer of plush bears with team logos)

MasterCard Intern. Inc. v. Federation Intern. de Football Ass'n, 239 Fed.Appx. 625 (2nd Cir. 2007) (panel member) (action by credit card company claiming breach of contract providing for continued sponsorship of World Cup)

Clarett v. National Football League, 369 F.3d 124 (2nd Cir. 2004) (antitrust action challenging draft eligibility rules)

Gilbert v. Seton Hall University, 332 F.3d 105 (2nd Cir. 2003) (dissenting) (personal injury claim by college rugby club athlete)

Ortiz-Del Valle v. N.B.A., 190 F.3d 598 (2nd Cir. 1999) (panel member) (gender discrimination case by female NBA referee)

Boucher v. Syracuse University, 164 F.3d 113 (2nd Cir. 1999) (panel member) (Title IX claim by female college athletes)

Tasini v. New York Times, Corp., 981 F.Supp. 841 (S.D.N.Y. 1997) (copyright action by freelance writers challenging electronic republication of Sports Illustrated stories)

Silverman v. Major League Baseball Player Relations Committee, 880 F.Supp. 246 (S.D.N.Y. 1995) (unfair labor practice claim against baseball owners)

Jaguar Cars v. National Football League, 886 F.Supp. 335 (S.D.N.Y. 1995) (trademark infringement suit by car company over naming of Jacksonville Jaguars football team)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Will Ferrell takes on the Wild with Bear Gryllz

Airing sometime within the next week will be an episode of Man vs. Wild with Bear Gryllz as usual, but the special guest taking on the Wild will be comedian Will Ferrell. The episode is set in the glaciers and mountains of Sweden and looks to be a great two day adventure for Will and Bear.


I love the NIke commercials with the Kobe and Lebron puppets. The MVP's (Most Valuable Puppets) are hilarious most of the time. Too bad Kobe and Lebron won't be playing eachother in the finals to back up these commercials, but they still are funny. This is my favorite one....

Song of the Day

From the album A Kid Named Cudi, here is another sick song from CUDI with Man on the Moon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Keep An ARM's Length From Morgan Keegan

My most recent article on titled, Morgan Keegan Loses an ARM and a Leg was posted this morning. You can read the post here. Below is a quick glimpse at what the article is about, telling how Morgan Keegan Financials is tied to Athletic Resource Management (ARM).

The struggling economy caused a serious financial hit in many sectors.
Knowing this, some people still seem to believe that the sports industry is
immune to the rigid economy. Others claim that fans will
not attend games or watch sports when athlete salaries remain so high. The
average NFL salary rose to around $4 million dollars this past season. In the
NBA, attendance was actually up this past season. Although numbers were only 1%
higher, this was still the third highest attendance numbers in NBA history. Game
6 of the recent playoff series between the Rockets and Lakers was the highest
viewed NBA game on ESPN, ever. The NHL continued to rise in popularity
and even set new attendance records this year, featuring 21 million viewers
league-wide and an average of 17,500 people per game. With those numbers, and
other impressive ones I heard at the SLA Conference in Chicago, I can understand
why some of these critics would think that the sports industry might be immune
to the economy. However, the truth is that the sports industry is taking a
hit just like the other areas of our shrinking economy, and although attendance
may be up, sports are being used as an escape by many for their financial

Agents seem to be doing their jobs, keeping player salaries increasing
at similar rates in most sports, but many markets are still taking serious hits.
The financial burden placed on some people in many industries has shined the
spotlight on “cheaters” in athletics and everywhere else. Steroids and
performance enhancing drugs are a huge issue of concern in almost every sport
now. The most recent financial meltdown has leaked even further into the sports
industry, as athletes are a large portion of the clients who have invested their
earnings into larger financial institutions.

And after that grand introduction, I would like to bring to attention the
connection and pandemonium that has been kept moderately under wraps between Athletic Resource Management (ARM) and Morgan Keegan Investments.

To finish the article click here...........

Song of the Day/ Album of the Week

Kid Cudi- Day and Night. His new album A Kid Named Cudi is sick.......I can realistically listen to every song on the album with out changing tracks. Oh yea, it's one of those CD's. The youtube video wouldnt embed so the link to the "Day and Night" video is below...Enjoy

Sport Business ReviewL: BSN

If you haven't already, check out my Sports Business Review column on The Real Athlete Blog. Access Athletes has a great site with a lot of good and useful information for athletes and agents and everyone else. My newest article is a review of BSN supplement drinks.
Here is a little blurb from the review:
"With the increased attention the UFC and other extreme sports have been getting lately, so has the number of nutrition supplements that have hit the market. The number of products out there to choose from is large, and many of the products are very similar. Almost every professional athlete has his or her name behind a specific brand or drink, causing some consumers to try a specific brand for that reason alone.

With the number of new products and brands increasing each year, it is getting easier for new companies to pick up big name clients and attempt to stand out. However, the only way you can really find out if a product works or if it the company simply has a good marketing department, is by looking at reviews of products (such as this one), and if everything you read sounds good, trying the product out for yourself."

Read the rest of the article on Access Athletes: The Real Athlete Blog.

Who Owns Your Social Networking Name?

Some useful information below regarding your social networking accounts:

"Many sites dole out domain names on a first-come, first-serve basis. The most democratic is LinkedIn, which hands out "vanity URLs," such as, to the first person who asks for it. As long as the URL is really your name, you can keep it.
Even celebrities can't jump the line at LinkedIn. During the presidential campaign, Sen. John McCain wanted his LinkedIn URL but it was already taken by another person named John McCain – so the senator was out of luck, according to LinkedIn spokeswoman Kay Luo.

MySpace and Twitter are similarly democratic in doling out names – but they offer few assurances about preventing celebrities from cutting in line. Twitter reserves the right to reclaim names that are trademarked or are "non-parody impersonations." MySpace generally honors the first person to claim a name – but reserves the right to reclaim URLs on behalf of advertisers or celebrities with just 72 hours notice.

Until recently, Facebook didn't offer domain names. Most profiles are located at URLs that look like this (this is mine):

But Facebook has begun quietly doling out vanity URLs to some 'fan pages,' such as for the actor Ashton Kutcher and for the founder. Don't bother asking for one for yourself, though; Facebook is not accepting requests for vanity URLs at the moment. A spokeswoman says the site is considering offering vanity URLS to all users in the future – but good luck if your name has already been doled out."

Red Bull and Cocaine????

"About a year ago, the makers of Red Bull, the famous caffeine-loaded energy drink, decided to come out with a soda, unsurprisingly named Red Bull Cola. The shared name implied the same big kick. But could the cola's boost — supposedly "100% natural" — come from something else? Officials in Germany worry that they've found the answer — cocaine. And now they have prohibited the soda's sale in six states across the country and may recommend a nation-wide ban.

The [Health Institute in the state of North Rhine Westphalia] examined Red Bull Cola in an elaborate chemical process and found traces of cocaine," Bernhard Kuehnle, head of the food safety department at Germany's federal ministry for consumer protection, told the German press on Sunday. According to this analysis, the 0.13 micrograms of cocaine per can of the drink does not pose a serious health threat — you'd have to drink 12,000 liters of Red Bull Cola for negative affects to be felt — but it was enough to cause concern. Kuehnle's agency is due to give its final verdict on Wednesday when experts publish their report.

Red Bull has always been upfront about the recipe for its new cola. Its website boasts colorful pictures of coca, cardamom and Kola nuts, along with other key "natural" ingredients. The company insists, however, that coca leaves are used as a flavoring agent only after removing the illegal cocaine alkaloid. "De-cocainized extract of coca leaf is used worldwide in foods as a natural flavoring," said a Red Bull spokesman in response to the German government's announcement. Though the cocaine alkaloid is one of 10 alkaloids in coca leaves and represents only 0.8% of the chemical make-up of the plant, it's removal is mandated by international anti-narcotics agencies when used outside the Andean region.

Another Stupid Van Gundy Comment

I know I've mentioned it on facebook and twitter before, but Stan Van Gundy needs to just stop giving his opinions on almost all matters. I don't know if he is really as bad a coach as he is a public speaker, but he has said some ridiculous things this season after games. His opinion on most issues seems to be very liberal and is almost always out of context. Here is yet another example....
"This is not the BCS, this is REAL SPORTS here...:"
- Stan Van Gundy on the media reporting about Lebron and Kobe

Monday, May 25, 2009

Casting Single, Successful, Beautiful Women for TV Show

By: Darren Heitner

Deadline: June 20

ABC Media Productions is currently casting single women who are looking for love. They are looking women ages 25 to 40 who are successful in every aspect of life except one…finding love. You‘re climbing your way up the corporate ladder, just put a down payment on your own condo… you have everything except the right guy to share it with.

“Holidate” is similar to the movie “The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet; single women seeking true love in another city. We provide the new city, the new digs, the new guys… even the plane ticket. The girls just have to believe in love…and get on board!

This is not a competition show, no eliminations, catches or surprises… just a genuine search for love! The time commitment is about 5 days this summer.

If you are interested or know of someone who may be interested, email the info below to

1. Recent photo (face and full body)
2. Full name, age, occupation, city of residence
3. Phone number(s)
4. Tell us a little about yourself.

Should Pete Rose Be in the Hall of Fame??

Rule 3E regards eligibility for the MLB Hall of Fame and prohibits Pete Rose from being inducted into the hall. But should Rose's situation be set aside and should he be allowed in? Here is some great analysis from Sports Law Blog on why Pete Rose should not be allowed into the hall.

Rose should not be in the Hall, because different rules apply. Rose is ineligible for the Hall under Rule 3E, which bars selection of anyone who is on MLB's permanently ineligible list. Rose is on that list because he agreed to be placed on the list (which he did to avoid the now-we-know-was-inevitable finding that he did, in fact, bet on games involving the Reds). There is no character/integrity/sportsmanship debate to be had with Rose--he is out because the rules (properly, I believe) keep him out.

But note the anomalies. "Rose retired as a player in 1986 and would have been on the ballot for the first time (and almost certainly elected) in 1992. Suppose his gambling had not been revealed until 1995? I cannot find whether there is a procedure for removing someone from the Hall if that person is suspended from the game subsequent to his induction. So we could ask whether it makes sense to deny admission to a player based on a suspension for post-playing conduct when we would not remove him from the Hall for the same conduct. Actually, this happened in miniature in the early 1980s, when Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle were barred from any official involvement with MLB because they held PR positions with casinos (although Commissioner Bowie Kuhn had meant the suspension only to apply to formal employment and not to all involvement in the game). The Hall did nothing and the "suspension" was lifted after two years. Worse, under my counter-factual, Rose might not have been removed from the Hall (if no such procedure exists) even if had been discovered, post-induction, that he had gambled as a player."

                                      • "Rose should not be in the Hall, because different rules apply.
                                        Rose is
                                        ineligible for the Hall under Rule 3E, which bars selection of
                                        anyone who is
                                        MLB's permanently ineligible list. Rose is on that
                                        because he
                                        to be
                                        placed on the list (which he
                                        did to
                                        now-we-know-was-inevitable finding
                                        that he
                                        in fact,
                                        bet on
                                        involving the Reds). There is no
                                        debate to
                                        be had with Rose--he is
                                        out because
                                        the rules (properly, I
                                        believe) keep him

                                      • Howard Wasserman also brings up some good points
                                        in the article in
                                        opposition of the 3E ruling above that would
                                        Rose eligible and for the hall early on and then later, when his
                                        gambling habits were unveiled,

                                      • "Rose retired as a player in 1986 and would have been on the
                                        ballot for the
                                        first time (and almost certainly elected) in 1992.
                                        his gambling had
                                        been revealed until 1995? I cannot
                                        there is a procedure for
                                        removing someone from the
                                        if that
                                        person is
                                        suspended from the game
                                        subsequent to
                                        induction. So we
                                        could ask whether
                                        it makes sense to deny
                                        to a player based on
                                        a suspension for
                                        conduct when we
                                        would not remove him from
                                        the Hall for the same
                                        conduct. Actually,
                                        in miniature
                                        in the early
                                        1980s, when
                                        Willie Mays
                                        and Mickey Mantle
                                        were barred
                                        official involvement
                                        with MLB
                                        because they held PR
                                        casinos (although
                                        Bowie Kuhn had
                                        suspension only to apply
                                        to formal
                                        employment and
                                        to all
                                        involvement in
                                        the game). The Hall did
                                        and the
                                        was lifted after two
                                        years. Worse,
                                        under my
                                        counter-factual, Rose might
                                        not have been removed
                                        (if no
                                        procedure exists)
                                        even if had been
                                        post-induction, that
                                        he had
                                        gambled as


Happy Memorial Day to everyone!!!! Enjoy your break and time off work/ school if you have one. Be safe, Don't Drink and Drive!!!!

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The Lingerie Football League

While I was in Chicago I ran across a commercial for the Chicago Bliss. A brand new team that will play in the inaugural Lingerie Football League this season on Friday nights. The Chicago Bliss were holding tryouts last week just like many other LFL teams around the United States. The Lingerie Football League is no joke. Not only are these ladies gorgeous and wearing lingerie, but they are making some serious hits as well.

The league will be divided up into two divisions, consisting of an eastern and western conference with five teams in each. Miami has a team called the Caliente, which means hot in Spanish. Other LFL teams include Denver Dream, Dallas has the Desire, Los Angeles has a team called the Temptation, Denver has the Desire and Phillip Rivers will now have to compete against statistics from the San Diego Seductions QB.

The LFL features some of the toughest, hottest women in sports playing seven on seven tackle football. This certainly does not sounds like a bad way to spend your Friday nights this Fall. The LFL kicks off on September 4th, 2009 with Chicago Bliss hosting the Miami Caliente.

The Venditte Rule

Pat Venditte is a switch-pitcher, currently playing for the Charelston RiverDogs. He recently engaged in a lengthy cat-and-mouse game with switch-hitter Ralph Henriquez of the Brooklyn Cyclones , which ultimately forced development of this new rule applying to a switch-pitcher facing a switch-hitter:

The rule is as follows:

1. Venditte initially must pick one side or the other.
2. The switch-hitter then gets to choose to bat right-handed or left-handed.3. After one pitch, the pitcher and batter can switch once more during the at-bat.4.
-The pitcher does not get warm-up pitches after switching arms.

For a Video of Venditte click here.

Sexxiest Female Athletes

Thanks to for the enticing piece giving their opinion of the sexiest female athletes in sports. Below is the top five that they listed on their site.

5. Natalie Gulbis: This fine LPGA star began playing golf at just 3 ½ years old. She began posing for pictures in swimwear at age 21, and we’re very glad she did.
4. Heather Mitts:This ESPN2 and ABC sports reporter currently plays professional women’s soccer (yes there is a professional women’s soccer league).
3. Maria Sharapova: Need we say more?
2. Danica Patrick: Well known for Formula 1 (definitely) and Go Daddy (not really). I strongly suggest watching the ads.
1. Amanda Beard: This 27 year old Olympic swimmer looks good in gold (2004 Summer Olympics), she looks even better in her bikini. Beard even pose for Playboy after her first Olympic games.

Although I happen to agree with many of their selections I would like to add a couple of my own....Francesca Piccinini Italian Volleyball star, Softball pitcher Taryn Mowatt (left), and US Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson.

Woody Allen Lawsuit

As usual, Woody Allen is involved in another weird event. This time it is a weird lawsuit with American Apparel the one Woody is picking on or is it the other way around....? Woody is involved in the lawsuit because his likeness (his face) stands 40 feet tall on a billboard in NYC with the words "Our Spiritual Leader" in hebrew below a picture of what has to be Allen's face disguised as a chasidic jew.

The billboard is by American Appael, who as a defense are claiming that Woody's name should not be worth the $10 million they are claiming as compensatory damages to his name.

Eminem's Press Tour

Eminem has continued his press tour to promote his new album Relapse. He has signed up for a three-night residency on Jimmy Kimmel Live, beginning with an “exclusive” performance which was on Friday, May 15th.

Em will debut tracks from his new album. Then, his first studio set in four years will be released May 19th, that day he will perform live in studio and then, on the 22nd, he will appear live via satellite from his hometown of Detroit.

Marvel Comics has teamed up with Eminem and XXL magazine to help celebrate and promote his new album “Relapse.”

They have created a new story featuring Eminem and The Punisher, in “Eminem/Punisher: Kill You.”

Eminem will repay the favor by posing for 2 XXL covers as The Punisher for the magazine’s June issue.

Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. “When we learned that Eminem is a fan and collector of Marvel comics, we could only imagine what would happen if The Punisher and Slim Shady met up in the Marvel Universe. This was a unique partnership and the team had a blast working with Eminem and incorporating the rapper into

Check out what happened last time Eminem and Jimmy Kimmel got together.

Ripkin and Under Armour Agree

This is a preview of Under Armour, Cal Ripken Hit A Branding Homer....

One of the most effective ways to grow brand remains at the grassroots level. The direct daily contact with the consumer still cannot be beaten by all the Facebook-ing, blogging and YouTubing that brands attempt, and even the high impact effect of mass media, both print and broadcast, still resonates only partly with what we use as consumers every day. All are parts of the picture, but going to direct to consumer for what they need remains king. Even better, when you can make a strategic tie to a local community, the positive impact for the long range goes up another notch.

Such was the case this week when Under Armour, already a giant in the apparel business, announced a deal with Ripken baseball. The tie between the two brands hits on many bases. First, it ties two Capitol District brands together, the legendary Oriole and his business, with Kevin Plank’s DC success story, sending the message of two local guys again working together for a bigger good. Second, it seeds Under Armour product direct to a growing baseball community through Ripken Baseball, one of the most efficient and well run entities in the sport. Third, through Ripken’s global work, it can give Under Armour the potential international platform that they have been looking to grow.

Lastly it sets Ripken’s brand apart from most others in the space, in grabbing the perceived “cool” in the youth market for Under Armour’s apparel. All the connections are smart, strategic and even in a slow economy, show that both the sport of baseball and the Under Armour brand continue to grow.

Talent Agent Information

From the new Entertainment Agent Blog started by Darren Heitner comes the blurb below. The piece was composed by Harry Takhar and is titled So You Want To be a Talent Agent?

"Most up and coming actors seek representation from agents on the B and C levels. Furthermore, a legitimate talent agent is always considered “SAG Franchised”, meaning they are licensed and registered with the main actor’s union, The Screen Actors Guild.A talented individual is wasting his/her time with any unlicensed SAG talent agent. Legitimate agents receive 10% commission off the jobs they book for actors and never charge you upfront fees. However, many talent agents will have agreements in place for themselves for when they achieve extra deals for talented individuals, such as endorsements or sponsorships. For example, when an actor does commercials for a company, the agent will receive a percentage for how much the deal is worth and some royalties of how many commercials their client pursues in the future."

To read the rest of the piece you can click here. The new EAB site by Darren is very informative and should be a great addition to my morning reads.


".....Does this sound appealing? It may sound even more appealing when you learn that women in the industry make almost three times as much for the same scene as their male counterpart. And if a young actress trying to make it big pushes through to the top, she could be doing a few scenes a week, making top dollar. If you are thinking about becoming an entertainment agent, do not shy away from this niche area in which demand for agents is steady. Porn is nothing to be shy about."

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Famous Laws School DROPouts

11 Famous Law School Dropouts, brought to you by the Bitter Lawyer Staff. There are dozens more but I thought this litter that bitter lawyer created was worth sharing...Some of the info is incorrect but the names are all correct.

1. Demetri Martin After two years of a full ride at NYU Law, Demetri Martin called it quits and began working as a comedian, even though he wasn’t certain that comedy was a viable career option. In May, Martin told Believer Magazine that once he figured out what he wanted to do with his life, law school was a “waste of time.” [Believer Magazine] ________________________________

2. Gabriel García Márquez Like many great writers, Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel García Márquez “had absolutely no interest in his studies” and dropped out of law school in Colombia in 1950. Ironically, the book that convinced him to abandon law was written by a law school graduate. “I thought to myself that I didn’t know anyone was allowed to write things like that,” Márquez said. “If I had known, I would have started writing a long time ago.” The book? Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. [The Modern World] ________________________________

3. Marco Antonio Barrera Law students who found the Socratic Method intimidating probably shouldn’t follow in the shadowboxing footsteps of Marco Antonio Barrera who gave up an associate’s salary for national pride. He dropped out of law school in Mexico to become a professional boxer. Now that Barrera is represented by Don King, we can only hope he stayed in school long enough to learn how to read his contracts. [The New York Times] ________________________________

4. Bernie Madoff It turns out that pleading guilty in a New York courtroom wasn’t Bernie Madoff’s first experience being defeated by the law. Prior to operating the largest Ponzi scheme in history, Madoff spent a year at Brooklyn Law. This is where you have to think that maybe a securities law elective would have helped. [CNN Money] ________________________________

5. Teddy Roosevelt Even though he postponed his honeymoon to take up law as “something to do,” after a year at Columbia Law School, Teddy Roosevelt dropped out to run for the New York State Assembly. According to Henry Pringle’s Theodore Roosevelt: A Biography, the future president simply found the study of law to be “dull.” [Google Books] ________________________________

6. Seymour Hersh So why did Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist who broke stories on the My Lai Massacre and Abu Ghraib, quit law school to first become a police reporter? Simple, he “flunked out” of the University of Chicago Law School, an experience he “hated.” [PBS] ________________________________

7. Marv Levy Big sky, big crowd. Marv Levy, the former head coach for the Buffalo Bills, has been to more Super Bowls (four) than he spent weeks in law school (three). According to his website, Levy, who earned a Masters in English Literature from Harvard, quit law school because he didn’t want to be “just another lawyer.” [] ________________________________

8. Ted Bundy Yes, that Ted Bundy. Before beginning his murderous college campus rampage, the diabolical Bundy was a student at the University of Puget Sound School of Law. But to be clear, there’s absolutely no evidence that Bundy began killing because knew the chances of going from TTT Puget Sound to BigLaw were slim. [Rome News-Tribune The Prescott Courier] ________________________________

9. Vince Lombardi What is it with football coaches and the law? We’re not sure what the connection is, but at this point we’re not surprised that the father of NFL coaching, Vince Lombardi, went to law school. What is surprising is the fact that he dropped out of Fordham law school’s night program after a year. According to his son’s book, What It Takes to Be #1 : Vince Lombardi on Leadership, even though Lombardi ditched Fordham, he still insisted Lombardi, Jr. peruse a law degree. Lombardi, Jr. dropped out of the University of Minnesota’s law program after only a few weeks. He did, however, later go on to earn his JD after completing four grueling years of night school at William Mitchell College of Law, to which a proud Lombardi gushed at graduation, “My son, the lawyer.” [Google Books] ________________________________

10. Dabney Coleman Here’s the IMDB biography for Dabney Coleman: “For twenty years Dabney Coleman has appeared mostly in one type of role: a smarmy, selfish, nervous person mostly with money, who is out for himself” (save for the totally awesome “Jack Flack” in Cloak & Dagger). Had Coleman actually finished his law degree at the University of Texas, he might have been able to pull off that singular smarmy role in real life. [NNDB] ________________________________

11. Ray Manzarek “I stayed in law school for about two weeks, and dropped out of law school realizing that [it] was totally insane for me to be in law school,” Ray Manzarek said of his experience at UCLA Law School. Manzarek knows a thing or two about insanity. After dropping out of UCLA, the Light My Fire author went on to co-found The Doors with Jim Morrison as the keyboardist. [Rainer Moddemann via geocities (complete with Doors muzak soundtrack)]

One Second of Magic, For Cleveland

Lebron's miracle shot in one second helped Cleveland demystify the Magic on Friday night. What a shot it was by LBJ, I think Hedo played great defense and there was nothing else HE could have done. If Stan Van Gundy should have double teamed King James is a whole other story in my opinion. <--Meaning Van Gundy should have doubled Lebron with the man who was on Mo Williams throwing in the ball and let ANYONE else on the Cav's take the final shot. I do not think any of the three players (LBJ is double teamed and Williams is throwing in the ball) on the court could hit a game winner with one second left. Or even put Lewis closer up on Mo Williams making the only option a lob to the bucket.

At least JJ got some action in game two, he even hit a three. However, I don't think that he is ready to guard Lebron one on one yet. But who in the league is?

Here is a tribute to Lebron's game winner only thirty minutes ago. This was his first game winning shot in the NBA. The first of many my friends. Lebron is only 24 years old and he is very, very, intelligent. I do not see him pulling a Mike Vick or anything equivalent.

What a Shot!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Drew Rosenhaus & Clients

"The President of Rosenhaus Sports Reps (RSR) company is no other than
Drew Rosenhaus, born on October 29, 1966 in South Orange, New Jersey. Four years
later his family moved to Miami Beach, Florida. Drew attended and graduated in
1987 from the University of Miami and in 1990, obtained a law degree from Duke
University School of Law. Drawing heavily from his college connections, twenty
four of Rosenhaus' 100 plus NFL clients are fellow University of Miami alumni.

In 1989, at the age of 22 Drew became the youngest registered sports agent.
In 2008, Rosenhaus has negotiated over one billion dollars in NFL contracts.
Rosenhaus is famously known for his aggressive approach to the representation of
his NFL clients, and also for often generating large contracts for them. He
represents some of the best-known and most flamboyant personalities in
professional football.

Drew is the type of person that all NFL owners hate, some fans blame but that
his clients love. From the list below you can tell players with serious
issues with the law (Stallworth, Tommy Harris, Plaxico Burress), problem makers
(Lito Shepard, Portis, Chad 85, ), contract disputes (Anquan Boldin, Dockett,
Thomas Jones) and divas (T.O., Kellen Winslow, Shockey). Is this just and act of
God, coincidence or the fact that Rosenhaus had become the puppet master in the
NFL? He is been really good to a lot of his clients but on the flip side, he is
been part of some of the most bizarre episodes in the history of the NFL.
Rosenhaus had been accussed that sometimes he violates NFL Player's Association
(NFLPA) rules by contacting clients signed with other agents. Also he is been
accussed that he uses players to recruit other NFL players and prospects, also a
violation of NFLPA rules. "

-Source: Patriots Nation

No matter what you think of Drew and his aggresive tactics. The one thing that is certain is that he is the man and knows how to represent his clients best interests and can negotiate with everyone. Here is a list of Drew's current NFL clients. With the long list of clients I am sure to leave out some as well.

Brendon Ayanbadejo, linebacker, Baltimore Ravens.

Marion Barber, running back, Dallas Cowboys.

Anthony Becht, tight end, Arizona Cardinals.

Jon Beason, middle linebacker, Carolina Panthers.

Bernard Berrian, wide receiver, Minnesota Vikings.

Anquan Boldin, wide receiver, Arizona Cardinals.

Phillip Buchanon, cornerback, Detroit Lions.

Plaxico Burress, wide receiver, Free Agent.

Darnell Dockett, defensive lineman, Arizona Cardinals.

Reuben Droughns, running back, New York Giants.

Ebenezer Ekuban, defensive lineman, Denver Broncos.

Travis Fisher, defensive back, Detroit Lions.

London Fletcher-Baker, inside linebacker, Washington Redskins.

Drayton Florence, cornerback, Buffalo Bills.

Jabar Gaffney, wide receiver, Denver Broncos.

Frank Gore, running back, San Francisco 49ers.

Earnest Graham, running back, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Chris Hanson, punter, New England Patriots.

Nate Harris, linebacker, New York Jets.

Tommie Harris, defensive tackle, Chicago Bears.

Justin Hartwig, offensive lineman, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Renaldo Hill, safety, Denver Broncos.

Reynaldo Hill, Cornerback, Tennessee Titans.

Larry Izzo, linebacker, New York Jets.

Edgerrin James, running back, Arizona Cardinals.

Chad Johnson, wide receiver, Cincinnati Bengals.

Greg Jones, running back, Jacksonville Jaguars.

Thomas Jones, running back, New York Jets.

Jevon Kearse, defensive end, Tennessee Titans.

Sam Madison, cornerback, New York Giants.

Olindo Mare, kicker, Seattle Seahawks.

Bobby McCray, defensive end, New Orleans Saints.

Bryant McFadden, cornerback, Arizona Cardinals.

Willis McGahee, running back, Baltimore Ravens.

Randy McMichael, tight end, St. Louis Rams.

Travis Minor, running back, St. Louis Rams.

Santana Moss, wide receiver, Washington Redskins.

Sinorice Moss, wide receiver, New York Giants.

Adewale Ogunleye, defensive end, Chicago Bears.

Greg Olsen, tight end, Chicago Bears.

Terrell Owens, wide receiver, Buffalo Bills.

Roscoe Parrish, wide receiver, Buffalo Bills.

Kenny Phillips, safety, New York Giants.

Antonio Pierce, linebacker, New York Giants.

Clinton Portis, running back, Washington Redskins.

Antrel Rolle, cornerback, Arizona Cardinals.

Matt Roth, linebacker, Miami Dolphins.

Lito Sheppard, cornerback, New York Jets.

Jeremy Shockey, tight end, New Orleans Saints.

Donte' Stallworth, wide receiver, Cleveland Browns.

Drew Stanton, quarterback, Detroit Lions.

Marcus Stroud, defensive lineman, Buffalo Bills.

Fred Taylor, running back, New England Patriots.

Lawrence Timmons, linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Stephen Tulloch, linebacker, Tennessee Titans.

Billy Volek, quarterback, San Diego Chargers.

Nate Webster, linebacker, Denver Broncos.

Greg Wesley, safety, Free Agent.

Ernest Wilford, wide receiver, Miami Dolphins.

Kellen Winslow Jr, tight end, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Derrick Ward, Runningback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

USF v UCONN Baseball Team Dance Off

What a great way to waste some time during a rain delay in Florida. This video is a little long but we could all learn some new dance moves from these student athletes. This clip is funny and well worth watching...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hooters Swimsuit Competiton

Getting ready to head to the Hooters Swimsuit Competition in Lansing to meet my roommates. The competition starts at 7 and goes to 10 for anyone interested. I haven't been to a Hooters restaurant in forever, so watching Kobe and everything else tonight should be lavvly. Come join if you are in East Lansing/ Lansing.

Irish In the Bronx???

Charlie Weiss and Notre Dame Football are trying to be the first team to play a game in the NEW Yankee stadium. Should the Irish be the first football team allowed to play there? I don't know if I think so. It all depends who they are playing but I would like to see a BIG GAME with TWO great teams as the first NCAA football game there. What do you think?

NBA Draft Rookie/Agent Signing Updates

This list was compiled by Darren on

Aaron Goodwin - Terrence Williams, Demar DeRozan
Aaron Mintz (Priority) - Tyrese Rice, Jeff Adrien
Andre Buck (CAA) - Dionte Christmas, DaJuan Summers
Andy Miller (ASM Sports) - B.J. Mullens, Daniel Hackett, Eric Maynor, Alonzo Gee, Rudy Mbemba, Robert Vaden
Arn Tellem - Wayne Ellington, Gerald Henderson
Austin Walton (Dynasty) - Terrance Woodbury
Bernie Lee (Lee Basketball Services) - Patrick Beverly, Dmitris Verginis
Bill Duffy (BDA Sports) - Brandon Jennings, Hasheem Thabeet, Darren Collison, Jordan Hill, Josh Akognon
Bill Strickland (BEST) - Kevin Rogers, Curtis Jerrells
Bob McClaren - Josh Carter
Brad Ames (Priority) - Ben Woodside, Joe Ingles
Brian Elfus (Elfus & Siegel Management) - Connor Atchley, Marcus Thornton, BJ Raymond, Kyle Spain
Charles Grantham (Ceruzzi Sports) - Jeff Pendergraph
Chris Emens (Octagon) - Lee Cummard
Chris Luchey (CGL Sports) - Eric Devendorf, Dar Tucker
Dan Fegan (BEST) - Earl Clark, Ricky Rubio
Dan Tobin (WMG) - K.C. Rivers, Aaron Jackson, James Johnson
David Bauman (DB Hoops Management) - Josh Heytvelt
David Falk - Toney Douglas, Alade Aminu
Doug Neustadt (The Neustadt Group) - Jerel McNeal
Eric Fleisher - Chris Johnson
Happy Walters (Immortal Sports) - DeJuan Blair, Kevin Rogers, Curtis Jerrells, Tasheed Carr, Tyrell Biggs, Robert Dozier
Herb Rudoy (Interperformances) - Stefon Jackson
Jamie Knox (Strategic Sports Management) - Courtney Fells
Jeff Schwartz (Excel Sports Management) - A.J. Price
Jeffrey Fried (Peake Management Group) - Ty Lawson
John Hamilton (Performance Sports Management) - Garrett Temple
Justin Zanik (ASM Sports) - Sergio Llull
Keith Glass - Luke Nevill, A.J. Abrams
Kevin Bradbury (BDA Sports) - Chase Budinger, Jordan Hill
Lance Young (Octagon) - Lester Hudson, Jack McClinton, Wes Matthews, Sam Young, Stephen Curry, Brandon Costner
Leon Rose (CAA) - Nando De Colo, Paul Harris, Jonny Flynn
Mark Bartelstein (Priority) - Jeremy Pargo, Micah Downs, Leo Lyons, DeMarre Carroll, A.J. Abrams
Marc Fleisher - Brandon Ewing
Merle Scott - Nate Miles
Michael Hodges (Rice Sports Management) - David Holston, Lawrence Kinnard, Courtney Pigram
Michael Siegel (Elfus & Siegel Management) - Ahmad Nivins
Michael Whitaker (REID Entertainment) - Jermaine Taylor
Mike Naiditch (Naiditch EntertainmenT) - Joe Krabbenhoft
Rob Pelinka (Landmark Sports Agency) - James Harden
Sam Goldfeder (Excel Sports Management) - Blake Griffin, Taylor Griffin

Twitter Imposters

With all the good that Twitter has brought to our society, there also comes the bad. Twitter imposters are out there and have already hit some big name individuals. Earlier today, Ben Roethlisberger's Twitter imposter announced that he has skin cancer. An allegation that turned out to be false. Big Ben does not have a Twitter account, or a MySpace or facebook page.

Roethlisberger is among a growing list of athletes and celebrities who have been victimized by the growing popularity -- and apparent lack of security -- of the social networking sites. In the past week, Twitter accounts purportedly belonging to Philadelphia Eagles defensive players Assante Samuel and Trent Cole were exposed as fakes. On those sites, someone writing as Samuel predicted a Super Bowl for the Eagles, and "Cole" wrote about his new sack dance.
Steelers coach Mike Tomlin also has seen imposter accounts opened in his name, he said.
Besides posting false information, Roethlisberger said people he knows get perturbed when he does not respond when they reach out to "him" on the site under his name.
"I get people all the time who come up to me and they actually get really mad because I didn't talk to them on Facebook or something, or MySpace," Roethlisberger said. "I try to tell them I don't have it."

Roethlisberger said even though his agent has tried to keep imposters from creating accounts in his name, they keep popping up and there is little they can do about it.
"I think you can always tell the Web site to kind of get rid of it but I think anybody at any time can then just come back on, I believe, and put another one on," the quarterback said.

Read more: "No cause for alarm: Roethlisberger denies he has skin cancer" -

FIFA now Drug Testing

With all the steroids and illegal drug use that surrounds professional athletics in today's society, FIFA recently decided to extend the drug testing procedures to soccer.

Vick's FREE

Michael Vick is out of prison in Kansas and back at his home in Newport News, VA for the next two months until July 20th.

According to Vicks agent, Football is the last thing on his mind right now.

Below is a clip of Vick's apology before he was sent to prison in Kansas. This was the last time Vick addressed the media. He says he has found Jesus and entering jail has only strengthened Vick's relationship with Jesus and his belief in moving on.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NEW Entertainment Law Blog

Darren from has created a new website. The site follows in SAB's footsteps but deals primarily with Entetainment Law related issues and issues that introduce individuals to the lifestyle or an Entertainment lawyer/ agent. The website is Check it out!!!

Plax a Jet????

First the Jets were thinking about picking up PACMAN the latest talk is about Plaxico....Why do we keep going after troublemakers????? Although I wouldn't mind Plaxico at all. After a gun safety class he could be big time for Sanchez.

2010 Dynasty & Sports Agent Conference and Dynasty will be hosting a 2010 sports agent conference in Miami during super bowl week. More information will be available on as it gets closer to the big event.

What If A Great Athlete Gets Injured?? NCAA Athlete Insurance Timeline

From Andy Staples article on Sports Illustrated.....

December 2008: After a great season, star quarterback Johnny Allstar has caught the eye of NFL scouts. He asks for a draft grade from the NFL's draft advisory council.

Early January 2009: After receiving a first-round grade, Allstar decides he still feels he has more to accomplish at Giant State U. Days before the deadline for underclassmen to declare, he announces his return.

Late January-February 2009: Allstar inquires about insurance policies. He fills out a one-page application for the NCAA's Exceptional Student-Athlete Disability Insurance program. He also calls an independent agent. Both the NCAA and the agent will consult NFL personnel officials and attempt to determine an accurate draft position for the player. Too high, and the player will have to buy too much coverage. Too low, and the player could wind up leaving money on the table. Accuracy within one round is critical.

Allstar must pay his premium immediately, but neither he nor his parents has enough cash lying around to pay. So he must secure a bank loan. If he chooses the NCAA policy, his financing is pre-arranged. If he chooses a private agent, he must secure his own loan, but he must be careful that his loan officer doesn't give him any special treatment because of Allstar's status as an elite football player. Taking any special discount could cost Allstar his elgibility. Allstar selects the private agent and buys a $5 million policy for $50,000. Even though the written policy takes more than a week to finalize, Allstar is covered immediately. So if Allstar suffers an injury in an offseason workout before he signs the final policy, he's still covered.

September 2009: During Giant State U's second game, Allstar breaks his leg. The injury may be career threatening, but that won't be known until it heals and Allstar undergoes several months of intense rehab.

If the injury isn't a career-ender...
April 2010:
Allstar recovers from the injury well enough to run at his pro day, assuring NFL coaches he'll make a full recovery. He is selected in the middle of the first round. When he signs his contract, he pays the balance of the bank loan that covered his premium.

If the injury is a career-ender...
October 2010: After months of rehab, doctors declare Allstar unfit to return to football. Lloyd's of London cuts Allstar a check for $5 million, tax free. If he ever plays a down of professional football, he'll have to return the money.

STAPLES: Protective policies now norm for top players
STAPLES: Policy gave Chester life after career ended

Cuban vs Lydia Moore (Mamma of K-Mart)

The story has heated up as Martin has criticized Cubans apology to his mother on his blog. Martin has said that the apology was "weak and not sincere" as the media and others knew about it before his mother and he were aware of it. According to Kenyon that is not a real apology. Although I agree that Cuban should have called up Kenyon and his mom and apologized first to them via telephone or in person before blogging about it, I still ask the question, what is wrong with a blog apology?

Anyways, this has only poured some gasoline on the fire and Martin has only played inspired basketball since the incident. Helping Denver eliminate Cuban's Maverick's and now coming close in game 1 at LA. Will Cuban apologize further or just hope for this to die down? When will the NBA step in or will it? and how will this cause the NBA to change security policies for parents and others?

So You Want to be an Agent?

Some facts from Howard Shatsky on Access Athletes, The Real Athlete Blog about becoming an agent.

"....OK, a few cold hard facts about the agent business. It is a brutal, ruthless business. Over the last two decades, I have seen many more prospective agents fail than succeed. The barriers to entry are higher than ever. To become a certified NFLPA contract advisor you now must possess a graduate degree, pass an exam, obtain liability insurance and pay an annual fee to the NFLPA. If you are fortunate enough to sign a player who is selected in the NFL draft, you will have the privilege of incurring approximately $15,000 in expenses. Before you earn that big commission, chances are most of your checks will be for about $6,000 which will not even cover the expenses incurred in representing that player. If you still want to be a sports agent, than you are in the right place and will learn from a professional here at AccessAthletes."

Read the article in its entirety at Access Athletes--->

Bruce Lee Time

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oliver vs NCAA et all UPDATE

Darren wrote an interesting piece lasat week regarding Judge Tone's most recent decision in Erie, Ohio to void NCAA bylaw, which says..

" Presence of a Lawyer at Negotiations. A lawyer may not be
present during discussions of a contract offer with a professional organization
or have any direct contact (i.e., in person, by telephone or by mail) with a
professional sports organization on behalf of the individual. A lawyer’s
presence during such discussions is considered representation by an agent"

After Judge Tone's final decision Lawyers (not necessarily agents) are now allowed to be present when student athletes meet with professional organizations regarding contract issues. I will write more about this latest update in the Andy Oliver saga shortly.....

Song of the Day

Police Now Need A Warrant To Search Your Car

After a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court recently decided that Police officers need a valid warrant to search the car of a detained individual who is in custody or in their car.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Who's Following You??

It is not just the government who can follow your every move and hear all your conversations anymore. A scary thought, but with modern technology it certainly is going on.

Gardner's Got SPEEED

Brett Gardner is starting to get his Swag back. A HR shy of the cycle Brett Gardner was able to get the first inside the park home run in the new Yankee stadium on Friday night against the Twins....Brett still needs to improve his hitting a bit in order to use his speed on the basepath a little more but he is starting to step up in the pinstripes and has helped this Yankee team go on a 5 game winning streak and taking six out of their past seven games.

CyberWars: It's About Time the USA Looks Into That Option....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Get Ready for the Tour De Lance

It is almost that time of the year again...the Tour De France is right around the corner and has Lance Armstrong participating in it this year. The riders just completed the ninth leg of the Giro D'Italia, with Lance Armstrong and Italian rider Di Luca protesting to officials about the 102 mile courses safety. Officials agreed with them and granted all riders the same time for that ninth leg of the race. The tenth leg continues today with Danillo Di Luca holding onto the the pink jersey and the lead...

Dynasty Bowling...The BEST in the Bizzz

If you are a professional bowler and you are not with Dynasty yet..........there is still time.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Obama Says Go Back to School

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So tonight I ask every American to commit to at least one year or more of higher education or career training. 
 – President Barack Obama, Address to Congress, February 24, 2009 

Song of the Day: Chicago

In memory of my leaving the great city of Chi Town and the SLA Conference...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guaranteed Money$$$$

Matt Stafford's $42 million guaranteed on his 6 year $72 million dollar contract is the most money GUARANTEED in a contract in the NFL EVER. Last year's first QB chosen, Matt Ryan was under similar scrutiny with his large contract. The question myself and many of the NFL veterans and NFLPA members ask is, how can they be paid so much when they are unproven and have not played a snap in the NFL yet?

Even if these athletes are amazing and dominate college football like Reggie Bush did, I still do not understand how they are given larger contracts and guaranteed money than veteran pro bowlers of the same position. The NFL and college are completely different games and it is VERY hard to predict athletes that will excel the same way they did in college. This is one of the many reasons why I do not agree with the high rookie salaries that are going on lately, even as a future sports agent.

I believe rookie salaries should be subjective and flexible and should not be slotted like other professional sports. The rates should be variable depending on the market and the type of economy that we are surrounded by.

On the other hand, I think that athletes should get paid a large sum, as they are professionals as well and are under intense pressure not only by their team mates but fans and media as well. Not to mention the fact that athletes always have the possibility of becoming injured and ending their careers permanently whenever they step into their desired arena.

Vick Praying to Get Back In NFL

This is a brief quote from ex Colts head coach Tony Dungy when he visited former NFL star Mike Vick in jail several days before he was to be released into home confinement in Virginia. Apparantly Vick is now in touch with God and is praying for a second chance in the NFL.

"I am going out there to really talk about life. To talk about the Lord," Tony Dungy said on the Dan Patrick show. "I know he has made a profession that he has accepted the Lord into his life. Talk to him about what he's going to face. Most people are going to be against him. He's got to understand that."

-John Clayton is a senior NFL writer for

Rabinowitz Gets FIVE Signed AFTER Draft

Read this story of Global Sports Management Group's Jon Rabinowitz and his five new NFL clients. The story gives some insight into how players that are undrafted get on NFL rosters and the type of work and preparation their agents go through.

Jets RB's Disgruntle and Want New Contracts

The New York Jets top two running backs, Thomas Jones and Leon Washington, still have not shown up for optional mini camps at the Jets new training facility. Both star ruining backs had stellar 2008 seasons are are unhappy with their contracts for the upcoming 2009 NFL season, and i agree. Leon Washington single handedly won the Jets a couple of games last season and he is only entitled to make a base salary of $535,000 this season. All that is no small amount for an NFL player that had the year Leon had last season he deserves a lot more. The training camp is only optional and with that K I do not blame the jitter bug for holding out and wanting more. The Jets and his agent have been negotiated, but talks have currently stalled and Leon was reportedly "insulted" by the J E T S first renegotiating offer. All I have to say is the JETS better not let Leon slip away. He is a great kick returner and an amazing RB behind TJ. Leon is in his last contract year and I would love to see the Jets land him for a larger period.

The Jets also picked up Shonn Green from Iowa after moving up several spots in the second round of the draft. Hopefully Green will be able to learn from Jones and Washington shortly as he and Mark Sanchez are already at camp figuring out their role.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rulon Goes to Denver

Dynasty has been marketing for client Rulon Davis, a LB from California-Berkeley. Rulon recently got signed after the draft as an UDFA to the Denver Broncos. Congrats Ru, keep working hard, your almost there!!!

In other Dynaty news, Matt Watkins client Andrew Jones from Akron University has been at the Cleveland Browns training camp since last week training with the Browns. Andrew or "Mr. 432", has been training hard and will have to continue to impress the next couple of weeks in Cleveland, but has a great shot at making the squad. Best of luck Andrew, your the man.

Song of the Day

Today's youTube song of the day comes straight from my Cousin E and his group THE ILLIANCE. Here is the first of many of their songs on youTube. Listen to them and let me know what you think please. I think they sound legit and could definitely make it one day soon. Reppin' Long Island, New York, Sincere and Montana are on the way up...Check it out!!

Summer Associates Lose In Economy

Summer associate jobs have traditionally been filled with parties and perks designed to lure the students into full-time employment. No more. As law firms adjust their programs, taking a no-frills approach, students need to adjust as well, law school career counselors say.

At a seminar at Stanford Law School, students were told to volunteer for work and to watch their etiquette,Forbes magazine reports. They also learned it’s not a good idea to be a no-show after signing up for social programs. And summer associates need to lose the attitude, says Susan Robinson, Stanford’s associate dean for career services.

"One complaint firms had in the past two years was that the students had a sense of entitlement," she told Forbes. "Around lunchtime, they would start trolling for associates to take them out to eat. I tell the students that should be the least of their worries. In no way, shape or form should they focus on lunch."

"In past years, firms' partners would put up with behavior they might not tolerate from their own kids, because they wanted to get those top students,” Robinson added. “This year, the students need to earn their offers."