Saturday, May 2, 2009

Arod and Wang Gettin' There...

With all the steroid allegations still running rampant, Alex Rodriguez was able to play in the field and at bat 5 innings in a Yankees minor league game on his way back to the Bronx.  Arod is on his way back into the lineup and is ahead of his May 15th scheduled date to arrive back.  According to the article he is feeling great and is ready to go right now, but will listen to the Dr's and take it slow.  Along with Alex's rehab, Chien Ming-Wang has been throwing for the Yanks minor league team and has been working out with Alex and training.  Wang has been working on his hip and leg strength since playing horrible the beginning of this season.  I had to drop my boy Wang from my fantasy team because of his two horrible starts where he lasted only 1.2 innings.  He posted a 72.00 ERA one game and basically forced the Yank's to place him on the 15 day DL and make up the excuse that his hip was bothering him.

 Glad to hear that these Yanks are almost ready to be back in the lineup.  The season has just begun and I am feeling a big run sometime soon, once the pinstripes all get healthy.

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