Saturday, May 2, 2009

Athletes That Tweet

Ever wonder what the whole Twitter craze is all about.  Well if you have a Twitter account or want to create one and are interested in checking out the athletes who "tweet" the most I was able to find a list of the top ten athletes that use Twitter from Pedro Caramez's site.  Below is the list and each athletes Twitter account.

Top Sportsman @ Twitter

After a few requests, i present you the top 5 sportsman on Twitter. I have found a place to make this hall of fame. Please, give me more names to add to this list.  The list has been updated with the comments of the readers.

1. Shaquille O’Neal (Basketball) - - 521,988 followers

2. Lance Armstrong (Cycling)- - 495,245 followers

3. Michael Phelps (Swimming) - - 54,822 followers

4. Levi Leipheimer (Cycling) - - 17,914 followers

5. George Hincapie (Cycling) - - 16,489 followers

6.  Charlie Villanueva (Basketball)- - 16,373 followers

7. Steve Nash (Basketball) - - 15,875 followers

8. Paul Pierce (Basketball) - - 15,744 followers

9. Andy Murray (Tennis) - - 15,624 followers

10. Ivan Basso (Cycling) - - 9,134 followers


Rui Pedro Caramez said...

Thanks for the reference...

every week i post an updated top 10 of sports twitterers.

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Check out for a full list of professional athletes using Twitter.


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