Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cuban vs Lydia Moore (Mamma of K-Mart)

The story has heated up as Martin has criticized Cubans apology to his mother on his blog. Martin has said that the apology was "weak and not sincere" as the media and others knew about it before his mother and he were aware of it. According to Kenyon that is not a real apology. Although I agree that Cuban should have called up Kenyon and his mom and apologized first to them via telephone or in person before blogging about it, I still ask the question, what is wrong with a blog apology?

Anyways, this has only poured some gasoline on the fire and Martin has only played inspired basketball since the incident. Helping Denver eliminate Cuban's Maverick's and now coming close in game 1 at LA. Will Cuban apologize further or just hope for this to die down? When will the NBA step in or will it? and how will this cause the NBA to change security policies for parents and others?

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