Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jets RB's Disgruntle and Want New Contracts

The New York Jets top two running backs, Thomas Jones and Leon Washington, still have not shown up for optional mini camps at the Jets new training facility. Both star ruining backs had stellar 2008 seasons are are unhappy with their contracts for the upcoming 2009 NFL season, and i agree. Leon Washington single handedly won the Jets a couple of games last season and he is only entitled to make a base salary of $535,000 this season. All that is no small amount for an NFL player that had the year Leon had last season he deserves a lot more. The training camp is only optional and with that K I do not blame the jitter bug for holding out and wanting more. The Jets and his agent have been negotiated, but talks have currently stalled and Leon was reportedly "insulted" by the J E T S first renegotiating offer. All I have to say is the JETS better not let Leon slip away. He is a great kick returner and an amazing RB behind TJ. Leon is in his last contract year and I would love to see the Jets land him for a larger period.

The Jets also picked up Shonn Green from Iowa after moving up several spots in the second round of the draft. Hopefully Green will be able to learn from Jones and Washington shortly as he and Mark Sanchez are already at camp figuring out their role.

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