Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Keep An ARM's Length From Morgan Keegan

My most recent article on SportsAgentBlog.com titled, Morgan Keegan Loses an ARM and a Leg was posted this morning. You can read the post here. Below is a quick glimpse at what the article is about, telling how Morgan Keegan Financials is tied to Athletic Resource Management (ARM).

The struggling economy caused a serious financial hit in many sectors.
Knowing this, some people still seem to believe that the sports industry is
immune to the rigid economy. Others claim that fans will
not attend games or watch sports when athlete salaries remain so high. The
average NFL salary rose to around $4 million dollars this past season. In the
NBA, attendance was actually up this past season. Although numbers were only 1%
higher, this was still the third highest attendance numbers in NBA history. Game
6 of the recent playoff series between the Rockets and Lakers was the highest
viewed NBA game on ESPN, ever. The NHL continued to rise in popularity
and even set new attendance records this year, featuring 21 million viewers
league-wide and an average of 17,500 people per game. With those numbers, and
other impressive ones I heard at the SLA Conference in Chicago, I can understand
why some of these critics would think that the sports industry might be immune
to the economy. However, the truth is that the sports industry is taking a
hit just like the other areas of our shrinking economy, and although attendance
may be up, sports are being used as an escape by many for their financial

Agents seem to be doing their jobs, keeping player salaries increasing
at similar rates in most sports, but many markets are still taking serious hits.
The financial burden placed on some people in many industries has shined the
spotlight on “cheaters” in athletics and everywhere else. Steroids and
performance enhancing drugs are a huge issue of concern in almost every sport
now. The most recent financial meltdown has leaked even further into the sports
industry, as athletes are a large portion of the clients who have invested their
earnings into larger financial institutions.

And after that grand introduction, I would like to bring to attention the
connection and pandemonium that has been kept moderately under wraps between Athletic Resource Management (ARM) and Morgan Keegan Investments.

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