Sunday, May 3, 2009

Law Firms Cutting Back

Check out this post regarding an email that was sent out to partners a major law firm

 discussing summer associates  lunches and ideas to keep costs down. 

 Some of these ideas are 

rediculous and laughable and others are decent.  This memo appears to be an april fools joke, however in general it looks like even Big law 

firms have cut costs in these areas and do not pay for gas, parking, or subway to work anymore....

Cleary Encourages 'Home Cooking' To Keep Summer Associate Lunch Costs Down

Cleary Gottlieb logo.jpgEveryone is writing about how summer associate programs will be lean and mean this year due to law firm cutbacks in the recession. The summer associate classes will be smaller. The summers will be shorter. The perks will be less lavish. The long summer associate lunches will be few and far between. And on and on.

Well, Cleary Gottlieb got the memo... and has posted a memo to the firm intranet letting their attorneys know just what to expect from the summer associate program this year. One source there said:

Cleary released some very bizarre summer associate rules. Can't tell if they're joking.

Here is a sampling, from the "2009 Summer Associate Lunch Policy" portion of the memo, neatly incorporating our suggestion to McWine and McDine SAs.
summer associate lunch policy cleary.JPG

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Anonymous said...

That memo is very clearly joking. If you look at the related post on Above the Law you can tell in context it is all an April Fool's joke.