Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Lingerie Football League

While I was in Chicago I ran across a commercial for the Chicago Bliss. A brand new team that will play in the inaugural Lingerie Football League this season on Friday nights. The Chicago Bliss were holding tryouts last week just like many other LFL teams around the United States. The Lingerie Football League is no joke. Not only are these ladies gorgeous and wearing lingerie, but they are making some serious hits as well.

The league will be divided up into two divisions, consisting of an eastern and western conference with five teams in each. Miami has a team called the Caliente, which means hot in Spanish. Other LFL teams include Denver Dream, Dallas has the Desire, Los Angeles has a team called the Temptation, Denver has the Desire and Phillip Rivers will now have to compete against statistics from the San Diego Seductions QB.

The LFL features some of the toughest, hottest women in sports playing seven on seven tackle football. This certainly does not sounds like a bad way to spend your Friday nights this Fall. The LFL kicks off on September 4th, 2009 with Chicago Bliss hosting the Miami Caliente.

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