Sunday, May 24, 2009

Talent Agent Information

From the new Entertainment Agent Blog started by Darren Heitner comes the blurb below. The piece was composed by Harry Takhar and is titled So You Want To be a Talent Agent?

"Most up and coming actors seek representation from agents on the B and C levels. Furthermore, a legitimate talent agent is always considered “SAG Franchised”, meaning they are licensed and registered with the main actor’s union, The Screen Actors Guild.A talented individual is wasting his/her time with any unlicensed SAG talent agent. Legitimate agents receive 10% commission off the jobs they book for actors and never charge you upfront fees. However, many talent agents will have agreements in place for themselves for when they achieve extra deals for talented individuals, such as endorsements or sponsorships. For example, when an actor does commercials for a company, the agent will receive a percentage for how much the deal is worth and some royalties of how many commercials their client pursues in the future."

To read the rest of the piece you can click here. The new EAB site by Darren is very informative and should be a great addition to my morning reads.

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