Saturday, May 2, 2009

YouTube Song of the Day

After listening to enough music videos and songs on youTube I decided it is time for LFLS to add a youTube "Song of the Day" to my daily blog roll..... I have been looking for a creative idea to add to this blog and that might be one facet that I ultimately end up keeping. So be prepared to hear some great music, from all genre's on Life From Law School daily.  I feel that music is a great way to understand a person and get to know how they are feeling at a particular day and/or time of their life.  I believe that every year, moment, event, era, period.......etc, has a song that can be attributed to it and that songs has particularly important and specific meanings to the ones who listen to them and write them.  I will try to add a song that portrays how i feel at a particular time of the day.

To start off the first ever youTube Song of the Day I will leave it to one of the greatest, Frank Sinatra in "The Best is Yet to Come"

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