Thursday, June 25, 2009

And...with the first pick, in this years NBA Draft

Tonight in about 2 hours is the 2009 NBA draft. Last year I was in New York at this time and was right outside the draft. Needless to say I am a lot farther away today, but will still be cheering on the Knicks. New York is known for is draft day blunders, however lately I believe NY Sports has made some decent moves. I don't know about Galinari last year, but he could be a good player in the future. Hopefully it will be the near future and he will still be a Knick, but we will see. The Jets have made some great picks lately and I am proud of GM Mike Tannenbaum's decisions to move up and get a lower pick.

In tonight's draft the Knicks have pick number 8 and recently just paid $3 Million dollars to the Lakers for the 29th pick in the draft. I would love to see Steph Curry fall to the Knicks at #8. Realistically, I think Jordan Hill from AZ would be a good pick at #8, but who knows with NY. At #29, I would love to get Brandon Jennings. He is projected to go to the Kings at #27, however they have Kevin Martin. The fact that Jennings went overseas and did not play as much as he could have if he went to college might have played a role in him falling a bit on the draft board. A lot of people have made negative comments about that as far as development for the NBA goes. Taking the money right out of high school sounds like a good decision. Jennings did learn the hard way. Living without hot water sometimes and without the amenities of a top D1 college program.

I am a HUGE fan of Jennings and think he will make a great PG in the NBA. He did not have the grades to go to a great college so he decided to break ground for youngsters like him and play overseas. Being a leader is a great quality that Jennings possesses and I believe he will grow in the NBA and become a star quickly. I just hope the Knicks end up taking the Cali boy. Jennings play flashy but is really a quiet kid who loves his family. Which means he would never turn into a Stephon Marbury type individual. The NBA has quickly become a Point Guard league and "Young Money" would be a great PG to lead a team. New York might eat him alive but it could also turn him into a beast.

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