Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Campus in AA

Here is an email that I received a couple days ago about Cooley opening up a new campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

"Tomorrow, Cooley will announce to the public that the American Bar Association granted acquiescence to open a new campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan this September. We will do so in the facility currently occupied by Ave Maria School of Law, which is leaving Michigan at the end of this month to begin operations in Naples, Florida this fall. We will be leasing the facility for three years with an option to purchase it, but will have no other relationship with Ave Maria. In essence, Cooley's Ann Arbor branch campus replaces Ave Maria School of Law.
The Ave Maria facility is approximately the size of the Temple Building in Lansing--84,500 square feet--and is capable of accommodating a school with approximately 430 students, which is our target population and about the same level that was obtained by Ave Maria before they announced their decision to relocate. The Ann Arbor enrollment will be approximately half the student population planned for the Grand Rapids campus. Since the inception of the School's Strategic Plan, our goal has been to reduce the enrollment at Lansing as the enrollment at the branch campuses grew. We anticipate that eventually Ann Arbor will include approximately 176 new students per year, about half of whom would otherwise attend class at the other branches, which will ultimately reduce the total enrollment at the other campuses by a little over 200 students.

.....The requirements and timing of the ABA review meant that we could not announce this endeavor to you or the public earlier. The ABA decision occurred on Friday, June 5th. We were able to contact those who had already applied to Cooley's fall class beginning two weeks ago. That contact has led to 84 paid deposits for the section that will be offered in Ann Arbor this fall. This number will yield about 60 students, which is about three-quarters of the maximum of 82 that we can accommodate in the largest Ann Arbor classroom. In essence, for this fall we are offering one section in Ann Arbor that otherwise would have been offered in Lansing."

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