Saturday, June 13, 2009

YouTube Video of the Week: Access Athletes

Check out my newest featured section on Access Athletes L.L.C. The Real Athlete Blog, the YouTube Video of the Week. The articles talks about the new forms of marketing athletes and agents are using and compares the two newest YouTube athlete videos that are causing a stir in the sports world. Click here to read the article in its entirety. A small portion of the article is below....Check out Access Athletes to read the rest and watch the video....

"Twitter has been the talk of every town the past several months, and with
more athletes getting accounts, it is only likely to increase in popularity,
specifically amongst the elder businessmen and women in society. Twitter has
brought a lot of positive attention to these “new” platforms, but Twitter
imposters have made some athletes and coaches (like Tony La Russa)
file lawsuits and discouraged them from using such sites.

Keeping all the positive and negative effects of Twitter in mind, it is
time to introduce the newest way athletes are marketing themselves and making
their life more transparent. Introducing, the video log (VLOG). The VLOG
is simply a video of an athlete going about his daily routine or showing off a
specific quality. When athletes post VLOG’s onto sites and other mediums like
YouTube, it gives immediate access to fans and allows them to connect with
athletes the second it is posted. YouTube has become a great marketing tool for
upcoming athletes and has given current stars a way to connect to fans. This
type of forum is becoming increasingly important in the world of agents and
athletes. "

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