Sunday, July 5, 2009

Areas A Sports Lawyer Might Work In

Collective Bargaining Agreements – General Contract Provisions (ex: minimum player salary, maximum agent fees, etc.), Merchandising and Licensing Rights (ex: endorsement or appearance issues), Standard Form Contracts, Scope of a Commissioner’s Authority.

Workers’ Compensation – Claims for retired players are increasing and there is discussion of whether college athletes are eligible.

Sports-Related Torts – Liability for Fan Injuries at Athletic Contests, Educational Malpractice, Duty and Required Standard of Care of a Team Physician Treating Scholarship Athletes, Tax-Related Issues (ex: player’s compensation, tax status of teams, college revenues).

Antitrust Issues in Professional Sports – NBA/NFL Salary Cap, NFL Antitrust Litigation, Major League Baseball’s Exemption from Antitrust Laws.

NCAA Regulations – Eligibility for Professional Drafts (ex: jeopardizing college eligibility by signing with an agent – basketball & football players can inquire about their market value and basketball players can even declare for the draft without losing eligibility), Procedural Due Process (the NCAA is not a state actor), Compliance with Title IX’s Gender Equity Requirement (I personally think this is a very hot issue…realted to giving equal opportunity to participate in sports for both sexes), NCAA Drug Testing Program

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