Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The NEW Minnesota Miracle Man

WOW....that is the reason journalists were camping out in his front yard for two weeks this summer. The 40 year old man, who should still be a JET-BUT we'll take Sanchez instead, has still got something left. I agree it was a great throw and catch, but lets see if he still has that kinda throw left in him by week 13. I DUNNOOOOOO.

Monday, September 28, 2009

YouTube Video of the Week: Drake- Congratulations

Off of Drake's new album, Congratulations!!! This song is great and so is the new album. It has at least 5 songs that I like and have been listening to the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!


Rex Ryan can talk the talk and walk the walk. The Jets Defense is sick this year and is the team is looking good. Rookie QB Mark Sanchez is playing great and has the City and the players and coaches falling in love with him.

Ever Find Yourself Singing OBAMA Tunes Like these kids?

The link above discusses America's outrage and problems with the singing of this song...check out the video below for another Obama song America's youth are learning...

2010 UF Sports Law Symposium

The NSELS is now one of the official sponsors of the UF Sports Law Symposium scheduled for the spring of 2010. I am excited to help out with this event and will certainly be in Gainesville, Fla this coming Spring when it is FREEEEZINNNGG still in Michigan.. Can't wait..

The information and website for the UF Sports Law Symposium is below.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or helping, speaking or attending the event let me know and I will help any way I can...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Larry Fitzgerald Fantasty Football Owners....

If you haven't noticed the football next to Fitz's name on your fantasy roster by now you should. All fantasy owners of Larry Fitzgerald who have him in their starting line-up have a chance to win an autograph football from Larry every time he catches a pass this season. That means a lot of autograph balls will be mailed out to fans......I was keeping him in the starting line-up all year regardless, but this is an added incentive.

Fitz already has two TD's and ten catches already and it has only been two games. Arizona had a weak performance in week one and did not look like last seasons high powered offense. That should all turn around soon and Fitz should get more involved into the Offense as Bouldin comes back to full strength soon and gives Fitz a little more breathing room with the Safeties.

This is just another amazing marketing idea that ESPN has which will certainly help with its fantasy football income and increase Fitz's popularity amongst leagues. As if he wasn't popular enough after last season's performance. Fitz is owned in 100% of fantasy football leagues. EAS also has a great plug in here with Fitz rockin' the t-shirt on his the ESPN ad.

Check out the video Fitz does for ESPN describing this great idea:

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Fashion Show...If you're in Roanoke, VA

FAME - 1st Annual Fall Fashion Show at the Taubman, 8 pm.

The first floor of the Taubman Museum of Art will transform into a center of style and sophistication.

Enjoy an evening of couture and luxury with a New York style fashion show, cocktails and gourmet delights. Fashions will be provided by Frances Kahn, 310 Rosemont and Bliss.

Cost: Platinum Front Row Seating $40, 2nd Row Gold Seating $30, General Admission: museum members $10 and non-members $20.

For Tickets please call our ticketing hotline at 540-204-4122 or purchase them on our website at!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Role of an Entertainment Agents at a Glance

This piece by Gene Goodsell on the Entertainment Agent Blog gives some good insight into the life of a Music Manager.

Here is a small clip:

Many agents/managers started out with large commercial agencies. For example, billionaire David Geffen, founder of Asylum Records started in the mailroom at WMA. He became one of the first agents to represent only music groups and was one of the first to identify the big-business potential of rock. He then proceeded to run his own record labels with artists like the Eagles and Guns N’ Roses.

The best managers often have a background in business, sales and law. Becoming a successful manager takes

You can check out the rest here:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RIP Patrick Swayze

Legendary actor Patrick Swayze died last night of Cancer. He will certainly be missed and his movies will live on forever.

Dirty Dancing
Point Break
The Outsiders
Next of Kin
Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything
City of Joy
Donnie Darko

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Terms of Service for Twitter......


Much like facebook did several months ago, Twitter has changed its terms of usage regarding content, in order to help clarify who actually owns the pictures and words you post to the site. Maybe these new terms will get negative feedback like the recent facebook changes did. So far I haven't heard too much of an uproar regarding the policies and clarifications of service terms for Twitter users. Chad Johnson certainly is still sending a million tweets a day.

10 Must-See Movies for Law School Students

Amber Johnson sent me this link to their site which has some interesting articles. This one lists the top ten movies for law school students. I do not agree with all of them but the you can't go wrong with To Kill a Mockingbird, The Firm, and The Pelican Brief. I was disappointed that A Civil Action did not make the list.

This past term, I watched law and order and got into Raising the Bar. I would love to see a list of the top law shows on TV. My top five would have to be, Law and Order, Boston Legal, Raising the Bar, and I gotta have Perry Mason on the list.

With Donovan's McRib Injured Maybe We Shall See Vick Week 3...

This is the exact reason the Philadelphia Eagles decided to take a chance on Mike Vick this season. If McNabb gets injured, like he just did, the eagles now have an exciting QB to step in who can get your team a win. With the defensive effort the Eagles had today any almost any QB could have won. The Eagles D had 5 Interceptions one fumble recovery for a TD and got to the QB plenty....

Vick is eligible to play in week three, so that means that if the McRibb can not go in week two, the Eagles will have to start Kevin Kolb from Houston.

On another note, The J E T S JETS JETS JETS had a great week one victory over the Houston Texans 24-7. Rookie QB Mark Sanchez played great and the Jets defense had a solid day not giving up a TD and holding Houston to around 180 something in total yards. The only Houston TD was from a Jets fumble that was ran back.

What Was Kanye Thinking at the VMA's???

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Richest Athletes $$$

Below is the list of the fortunate 50 from SI magazine, which is a listing of the top 50 money makers in all of sports for this past year.

Tiger Woods tops off the list yet again, with Phil Mickelson following. Sounds like a PGA tour event ay? Lebron and Kobe and Arod are all in the top 10 as well. Surprisingly, or well not surprising, but rediculously, Stephon Marbury made the list with his salary and earnings over $20 million dollars. $18 million of which he earned for sitting on the bench for the Knicks.

SI also has a list of the top 20 International athletes. The list is below and has David Beckham leading the list earning a whopping $45.2 Million dollars this past year.

"For the first time, the average earnings of those on the list fell -- down $1.5 million per athlete to $23.6 million. That falloff is mostly due to lower earnings for No. 1 Tiger Woods and No. 2 Phil Mickelson, both of whom saw their on-course income shrink while also losing key endorsement deals. This year's list features 22 basketball players (a record nine who earned more than $20 million), 14 major leaguers, nine football players, three golfers and two NASCAR drivers. "