Saturday, September 26, 2009

Larry Fitzgerald Fantasty Football Owners....

If you haven't noticed the football next to Fitz's name on your fantasy roster by now you should. All fantasy owners of Larry Fitzgerald who have him in their starting line-up have a chance to win an autograph football from Larry every time he catches a pass this season. That means a lot of autograph balls will be mailed out to fans......I was keeping him in the starting line-up all year regardless, but this is an added incentive.

Fitz already has two TD's and ten catches already and it has only been two games. Arizona had a weak performance in week one and did not look like last seasons high powered offense. That should all turn around soon and Fitz should get more involved into the Offense as Bouldin comes back to full strength soon and gives Fitz a little more breathing room with the Safeties.

This is just another amazing marketing idea that ESPN has which will certainly help with its fantasy football income and increase Fitz's popularity amongst leagues. As if he wasn't popular enough after last season's performance. Fitz is owned in 100% of fantasy football leagues. EAS also has a great plug in here with Fitz rockin' the t-shirt on his the ESPN ad.

Check out the video Fitz does for ESPN describing this great idea:

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