Thursday, October 22, 2009

Improve Your Posture

Ever since entering law school in 2008 I have noticed my posture go down the drain. A lot of law school is reading and typing up briefs and my reading posture and "computer chair" posture are starting to scare me. For those of you with similar problems or if you plan on attending law school in the near future, i recommend that you watch your posture. Below are some tips I found online....

Good posture helps you breathe more easily and when you increase your
oxygen intake, you can concentrate and think better. When you have good posture,
you look better and feel more self-confident. And bad posture can result in
health problems like back aches, poor blood circulation and even slipped discs.
Some steps you can take to improve your posture include:

* Sit up straight and stand up straight. Just thinking about your posture
won't improve it.

* Remind yourself. Because it's easy to forget and fall back into a
slouching position, put a note on your computer screen, on your bathroom mirror
or any place that will prompt you into a better posture.

* Pay attention to when you have poor posture and eliminate your bad
habits. If your desk lamp is dim, for example, you have to lean toward it to
see. Get a brighter light; you'll be able to see better and you won't lean

* If you sit most of the day, make sure you have a good quality chair with
back support

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