Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Foot Out the Door- Posner

Many of you know that I heart Mike Posner. He is a really interesting guy - still a senior at Duke University and is finishing his degree even though he signed a record deal last summer. He tours on weekends and goes to class at Duke during the week. He has a new release that is out for FREE on iTunes that you should definitely download. My first impressions of it are very good - his first mixtape (A Matter of Time) was very good but I would say that this release "One Foot Out the Door" is an improvement. He is very creative with his sampling and the guest appearances that he has. I was a little bit shocked when I heard that the first track uses the XX "Intro" since I made a mashup with that song just last weekend, but I guess that just shows I'm a few steps behind Mike Posner in terms of musical creativity.

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