Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Relax, Danton Wasn't Really Gunning For His Agent

SportsAgentBlog.com has been covering the crazy situation between former NHL All Star Mike Danton and his agent, David Frost. To read up on the ridiculous situation check out ___. Now to further update you on the Danton legal situation.

Danton, was released from prison and granted full parole by the National Parole Board this past Friday. Danton plead guilty in 2004 to a plot that prosecutors said targeted his agent and mentor David Frost. The failed murder-for-hire plot got Danton sentenced to 7.5 years in prison, of which he served 5.

At the parole hearing this past Friday, Danton admitted that the foiled plot that landed him in jail was not actually targeting his agent, but was really intended for his father. Knowing that the Parole board still decided to let Danton out on parole after five years in prison and serious counseling and therapy.

The parole board reasoned that while it was a very serious offense, Danton has benefited from therapy and would be a low risk if released.

Although this may be good news for Frost and the agent community, knowing that a client did not go off the deep end and want to kill you, it obviously isn't great news for his father or Danton's credibility. If he just told everyone about the true intent of his foiled murder plot after five years in prison why are we letting him out 2.5 years early.

I am a definite believer in rehabilitation but think it takes time and needs to show some results, you can not just assume. I don't know all the facts of Danton's time in prison and if he truly is sorry for his actions, but admitting that you want to kill your father and not your agent at a parole hearing does not sound like the therapy is working.

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