Friday, October 30, 2009

Some MLB Contract #'s For Ya

I was checking out SAB and the traditional Friday piece from Darren, Shabbott Shalom: Friday Wrapup for today, when I came across this artice from MLBTRADERUMORS website and a piece titled "Bad Contracts Swaps." The article had some contracts of MLB players that didn't seem to work out for the teams who paid them that much, according to the author of this article. Some of them I agree with others I dont....You can see the players below with some of my comments to the side.

Vernon Wells, Blue Jays - five years, $98.5MM
Alfonso Soriano, Cubs - five years, $90MM
Barry Zito, Giants - four years, $83MM
Alex Rios, White Sox - five years, $59.7MM----Not a bad year this year...why is he on the list?
Travis Hafner, Indians - three years, $40.25MM
Aaron Rowand, Giants - three years, $36MM
Carlos Guillen, Tigers - two years, $26MM ---He had a decent year...cmon now.
Carlos Silva, Mariners - two years, $25MM
Francisco Cordero, Reds - two years, $25MM
Oliver Perez, Mets - two years, $24MM
Gary Matthews Jr., Angels - two years, $23MM
Milton Bradley, Cubs - two years, $21MM
Juan Pierre, Dodgers - two years, $18.5MM
Jeff Suppan, Brewers - one year, $14.5MM
David Ortiz, Red Sox - one year, $12.5MM --_Great comeback after a rocky start...and he is Big Poppa. Remind me agian how he can be on a bad contract/deal list????

Jeremy Bonderman, Tigers - one year, $12.5MM
Jose Guillen, Royals - one year, $12MM
Eric Chavez, Athletics - one year, $12MM
Dontrelle Willis, Tigers - one year, $12MM --
Eric Byrnes, Diamondbacks - one year, $11MM
Fausto Carmona, Indians - two years, $11MM
Scott Linebrink, White Sox - two years, $10.5MM
Nate Robertson, Tigers - one year, $10MM
Edgar Renteria, Giants - one year, $9.5MM
Pat Burrell, Rays - one year, $9MM - Pat the BAT
Kei Igawa, Yankees - two years $8MM
Jeff Francis, Rockies - one year, $5.75MM
Kyle Farnsworth, Royals - one year, $5MM
Willy Taveras, Reds - one year, $4MM
Aaron Miles, Cubs - one year, $2.7MM

Honorable mentions: Michael Young (4/64, some deferred), Carlos Lee (3/55.5), Derek Lowe (3/45), Todd Helton (2/40.3), Kyle Lohse (3/32.625), Magglio Ordonez (1/18, possible vesting option), Mike Lowell (1/12), Chris Snyder (2/11.25), Cristian Guzman (1/8), Jamie Moyer (1/7.5), Kaz Matsui (1/5)

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