Friday, November 27, 2009

Get better Tiger

Tiger Woods was apparently seriously injured in a car crash as he was backing out of his driveway in FLA. Woods hit a fire hydrant and a tree in his Cadillac SUV and was taken to the hospital. NO further info was given at this time. Get well Tiger, we wanna see you golfing on the tour again soon. Next time, leave the black Friday shopping to someone else and take your time driving....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Legal News & Updates

A West Bloomfield man dubbed by the U.S. as the “spam king” was sentenced Monday by a federal judge to more than four years for a stock-fraud scheme that netted him $2.7 million in the summer of 2005. Alan Ralsky, 63, pleaded guilty in June to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, mail fraud and to violating the federal CAN-SPAM Act, which bans misleading subject lines in e-mail and the sending of commercial e-mail messages that appear to be from friends. [Detroit Free Press]
Facebook Photos Cost Woman Her Sick-Leave Benefits- Wow, facebook is really growing and spreading to every sector.

A Canadian woman on sick leave for depression says she lost her benefits after her insurance agent found photos of her apparently having fun on Facebook. Nathalie Blanchard said Monday she was diagnosed with major depression and was receiving monthly sick-leave benefits until payments dried up this fall. When Blanchard called her insurance provider, Manulife, to find out why, she says she was told the Facebook photos showed she was able to work. []
The chief executive of Fox Filmed Entertainment said Monday the U.S. should join France in cutting off the Internet connection of users who repeatedly download copyright-protected films. CEO Jim Gianopulos said Internet piracy is the single biggest threat to the film industry worldwide, and independent films are the hardest hit. []

Volunteers Log Off As Wikipedia Ages- Good..I never was a Wiki fan like many... is the fifth-most-popular Web site in the world, with roughly 325 million monthly visitors. But unprecedented numbers of the millions of online volunteers who write, edit and police it are quitting. Volunteers have been departing the project that bills itself as "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit" faster than new ones have been joining, and the net losses have accelerated over the past year. In the first three months of 2009, the English-language Wikipedia suffered a net loss of more than 49,000 editors, compared to a net loss of 4,900 during the same period a year earlier. [WSJ]

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Thanksgiving Song: It's Tradition

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Turkey Day 2009!

The Bronx Effect: What Will NYY Do?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

AI Retires....BUT, will he be back?

AI has officially announced his retirement today. Allen Iverson was the smallest #1 draft pick at 6 foot and a true baller'. He reinvented the crossover and was a scoring machine. But will that be his legacy or will people remember him for his selfishness and not winning a championship. My opinion, AI did not leave on his own terms and just did not want to be embarassed at the time. He will be back soon coming out of retirement like Brett Favre as soon as a good team/ or decent team calls his number.

Some Recent Legal News...

A federal judge granted preliminary approval Thursday to a revised settlement between Google and authors and publishers over the Internet giant's effort to create a vast digital library. The parties' first settlement, reached in 2008, was criticized by the Justice Department, online commerce competitors and library groups. Some critics say the revised deal still falls short of protecting competition among book resellers and doesn't adequately address copyright concerns, particularly over works whose authors can't be found or are unknown. [Washington Post]
Spanish officials said earlier last week that the government will require service providers to offer broadband with speeds of at least 1 Mbps at regulated rates to residents living anywhere in the country. Last month, Finland's minister of communications announced a similar plan. By July 1, 2010, every person in Finland will have the right to a 1 Mbps connection. [CNET]

IiNet has accused Hollywood studios of trying to "outsource" its copyright enforcement to internet firms as it continued to battle in an Australian Federal Court against claims it authorized illegal file-sharing on its network. The Perth-ISP's lead barrister Richard Cobden SC argued that the studios' demand that iiNet pass infringement notices on to customers amounted to an unreasonable request to police its customers. [The Australian]

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wanna Be An "A Player?"

Below is an article from a blog titled Auren Hoffman. The article is a great read about some of the supposed traits it takes to become an "A Player" in whatever you do.

Common Traits of A-Players

An unscientific observation of what A-Players have in common

We often talk about this elusive "A-Player" – a person that everyone wants to hire but someone people can rarely find. In this article we'll attempt to discuss how to spot these people and see what they have in common.

A few points up-front:
1. It is almost impossible to determine if someone is an A-Player until you've worked with them for 1-2 months. Afterwards, it is really easy to determine. Unfortunately you often don’t get a chance to work with someone in an interview or via observation.

2. Not ALL the below traits are in ALL A-Players. But every A-Player has some of the traits. And if you meet someone that has all of them, that person is likely to be an A-Player.

the A-Player janitor

When people think of an A-Player, they often think the person had have gone to Harvard. Going to a great school – or even going to college at all – is not a good predictor of being an A-Player.

Each position in your company can have an A-Player. The person who cleans your toilets could be an A-Player cleaner. That person isn't likely to be an A-Player lawyer ... but the A-Player lawyer probably wouldn't do a great job cleaning either.

As a hiring manager, your goal is to fill each position with the very best person in that position. If you think of a baseball team, it is pretty rare that the catcher is best hitter on the team. But having a good catcher is really important. And a baseball team also needs a great doctor, a great ground crew, great secretary to handle the fan mail, and even a great person to do the laundry.

Relentlessly Resourceful

Paul Graham has written that great entrepreneurs are "relentlessly resourceful". They are. But that label doesn't just apply to entrepreneurs ... it applies to A-Players as well.

Great people are consistently finding ways to be great. They make things happen. The best teacher I ever encountered was Don Tedesco who taught my fifth grade class. He wasn't satisfied with the normal curriculum ... he needed to reinvent it. (More on Mr. Tedesco below)

Rules Encourage Mediocrity

A-Players like to be creative. Actually, they NEED to be creative. They need to find the best way to accomplish their goals and they cannot be told exactly what to do. (B and C players often NEED to be told what to do). And so an A-Player would generally quit rather than follow stupid rules.

My guess is that you won't find an A-Player teacher that will agree to teach to a test. They'll just quit and move to a new environment that allows them to educate kids in the best way possible. The best teacher I ever had, Don Tedesco who taught my fifth and sixth grades, created a whole school-within-a-school (and called it "Actionville") and broke every rule in the system.

If your company is trying to attract A-Players, you might first want to eliminate some of your rules. And if you are an entrepreneur of a fast-growing company, you should monitor people that like to create rules for others (generally the general counsel and the HR people). While those rules are often well-intentioned, they can drive A-Players away from the company.

Getting Back to People

Most A-Players get back to people quickly. Usually within 24 hours. In the few occasions that I have emailed Steve Jobs, he's gotten back to me in about 2 hours. Ditto for Steve Ballmer, Maria Bartiromo, Marc Benioff, Pete Briger, Eric Cantor, Andy Grove, Vernon Jordan, Bill Kristol, Lenny Mendonca, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Dave Steiner.

The one group of A-Players that are really bad at getting back to people are those that work at Google (though there are plenty of exceptions). I think that is because the culture didn't have many real customers in the early days so people there got in the practice of basically ignoring emails from the outside world. People like Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer, and Mac Benioff, by contrast, grew up needing to quickly respond and engage with customers.

Good rule of thumb: If you find someone that generally gets back to everyone in a timely way, it is usually a good sign.

Early vs Late

Do A-Players come to events early or late?
I've personally found that they come to events on the early side. Certainly it would be a flag if someone was late to an interview or a meeting.


A-Players have often founded something. Maybe they started a student club, an association, a company, a cool web page, a user group, a neighborhood watch association, or a new committee on the PTA.


A-Players seem to better understand how to manage people – especially their bosses and their colleagues. They seem to implicitly understand what it means to manage deadlines.

Work harder and smarter

Great employees work harder than good employees. Partially it is because they are motivated by their company and those around them. But it is also because they take pride in what they do. Jerry Rice outworked every football player. Tiger Woods outworks every golfer. They both have some incredible natural talents – but it is their work ethic that sets them apart. My guess is that both Rice and Woods would be amazing in a business environment if that is what they were passionate about.

But A-Players also work smarter. Like Rice and Woods, they don’t just spend a long time practicing, they actually practice in the right way.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Slow Loris

Is this animal legal to have as a pet in the US? Ahahah. It doesn't even look real.

What Is Sammy Sosa Taking Now...

The name Sammy Sosa is making its way around the media again. This time, the allegations do not include steroids, but accuse Sosa of using or doing something to his body again. The part of the body that we are talking about is Sosa's skin.

After pictures of Sosa attending a Hollywood event with a lighter complexion surfaced, manybegan accusing Sammy of bleaching his skin like Michael Jackson. Sosa has commented that the allegations are false, and that he now uses a moisturizing lotion on his skin. What a great spokesperson Sosa could be for the moisturizing lotion......

Saturday, November 7, 2009

World "Series" or Series

Terry Lefton, a Staff Writer for the Sports Bussiness Journal wrote a great piece about the "World Series." To understand why I put the quotes around world series you have got to read the piece.

World Series Patent...