Friday, March 12, 2010

A Week Into NFL Free Agency and......


In the seven days since free agency opened on March 5, 52 unrestricted free agents have signed new contracts as compared to 39 UFAs with at least six accrued seasons at this point last season (based on official notification to the NFL office).

Following is further comparison of UFA signings for players with at least six accrued seasons:

2010 2009
UFA Signings (6+ accr. seasons) 52 39*
UFAs (6+ accr. seasons) Switching Clubs 21 22
UFAs (6+ accr. seasons) Remaining with Club 31 17
Most UFA (6+ seasons) signings, position WR (8) LB (6)

*Note – including players with four and five accrued seasons, a total of 87 UFAs signed new contracts in the first seven days of free agency in 2009

To track all the signings on’s “Free Agency Tracker,” click here.

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