Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am very glad the NFL is back in action. Below is a link with a great article and a video of DeMaurice Smith on the New Deal. Must listen to to learn a little about the new deal he negotiated with Roger and the NFL.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baez Closing In the Casey Anthony Trial

In my opinion, Jose Baez's closing was very affective. Although I might not have agreed with his defense strategy at other points throughout the trial, his closing arguments really told the jury who Casey was as a person, but that the evidence (or lack of) did not support the elements of the charges brought forth. I was told in at my externship in Miami-Dade today that Mr. Baez was actually a paralegal in the same office I am working in now, but did not get hired as an assistant public defender after his paralegal work.

"After leaving the Navy, he attended Miami-Dade Community College, graduated from Florida State University and earned his law degree from St. Thomas’ University School of Law in 1997. He then joined the Miami-Dade Public Defender’s Office, where he worked as a paralegal for a short time, while struggling to be accepted into the Florida bar."

Brief clip of Baez argument's

About Baez. - The man was only practicing law for three years prior to this trial.

Some commentary about his closing arg. below:

"Baez began the argument of his life this morning - the final argument that he hopes will save Casey Anthony's life. He thanked the jurors for their sacrifice and time to fulfill their civic duty, but said first-degree murder was not proven. Baez raised questions about people who did not smell the stench of death in Casey's car. He also threw back blame at George Anthony, again suggesting he knew something about Caylees death. "He wanted to distance himself from the situation. He knew she was dead," Baez said. If state had tracked George's comings and goings "you probably would have more answers but you don't," he added. "

"He referred to his own client in his closing statement as a “slut,’’ a big no-no, Jarvis said. “He worked very hard to lose this case,’’ said Jarvis. “But, sometimes you snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. And, in this case, the victory was handed to him from the prosecution.”
-Miami Herald

Another video source and news from closing arguments.

More videos from the trial HERE