Monday, August 1, 2011

What An NFL Agent Does During Free Agency

GQ had a great article on David Canter..... The article went through a couple days in his shoes during this crazy week of NFL Free Agency after the lockout was lifted. See below and check out the article.


11:30 AM: Canter receives an email from the NFLPA outlining the various deal points to the proposed CBA.

1:08 PM: The NFLPA follows up with a 25-slide PowerPoint deck and a dial-in for a conference call; During the conference call, the NFL Network has Commissioner Roger Goodell and Executive Director of the National Football League Players' Association DeMaurice Smith live on-air, announcing the end of the lockout.

5:25 PM: The NFLPA emails Canter specifics on the Rookie Compensation Pool, detailing an entirely new process for signing NFL rookies

6:15 PM: He receives a phone call from a team inquiring about an undrafted rookie client. Canter tells team representative,...We can't speak until tomorrow morning at 10 am. The team representative responds by telling him they've been talking to agents about undrafted players since 6 pm. Canter shrugs his shoulders. Wild Wild West.

6:30 PM- 11:30 PM: Canter takes calls with every NFL team, trying to lock up contracts for three of his undrafted rookie free agents—wide receivers Dontavia Bogan and Joe Hastings, and kicker Wes Byrum. During these calls, he gauges interest in Weddle, his premier client. Of the 32 teams, he gets confirmation from 12 that are...indeed, interested in acquiring the 26-year-old safety. After several conversations, Canter agrees to terms on contracts for Bogan and Hastings, but is unable to secure jobs for his other undrafted free agents.

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