Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vick Gets New Contract, Creditors Very Happy


"How does Vick make out? Well, he's allowed to keep the money left over after his creditors are paid off on the schedule made by the court. So next year, he starts with $17 million, takes $300,000 for himself, gives $5.85 million to his creditors, pays taxes and makes after taxes and makes required monthly payments to his ex-girlfriend and his mother, among others. That leaves him with about $3.7 million.

Of that, he has to pay the lawyers and accountants, 50 percent ($1,850,000). Vick can then bank the other $1,850,000, but can't touch it. That means that on a $17 million salary, Vick will net about $1.88 million next year. That means he makes 11 percent of what the Eagles pay him."

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